The Museum has one director and 3 deputy directors who are in charge of most decision-making and administration. There are five departments in the museum, namely Administrative, Academic & Art Affairs, Exhibition Service, Education & Development, Facility Management, each of which is headed by a department director. Besides, there are CPC branch, Workers Union and Academic Council as well.



Administration Dept.

Administration Dept. is a comprehensive coordinating &managerial department. It has a staff of seven presently. Their duties include management of human resources, finance, secretary, archive, public relations and library management. They are also responsible for arranging conference, reception, correspondence and coordination between departments.

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Academic & Collection Dept.

Presently the Academic & Collection Dept. has a staff of five headed by an associate professor. They are responsible for: Keeping, repairing, and studying works in collection. Planning academic events. Editing and Publishing exhibition catalogues, Museum publications and periodicals. Hosting academic conferences, forums and lectures. Collecting and processing domestic and foreign artistic information.

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Exhibition Dept.

Currently five designers/curators work for the department. They take the responsibility of exhibition related affairs such as planning, coordinating, and arranging of all exhibits. They are also in charged with pre-exhibition negotiation, exhibits transportation, customs registration processes.

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Education & Development Dept.

A staff of 6 work with the Education & Development Department presently. They are responsible for acceptance of financial donation and endowment, popularizing the art education, undertaking art training, offering lecturing on art appreciation. The department acts as a "bridge" between the community and the Museum to improve service and achieve social benefits.

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Art Education Center

Education is among the most important functions offered by the Museum to the public. With the advantages on education, collection, academic study and teaching staff, the Education & Development Department offers a range of learning experiences for everyone, whatever their age or level of interest. The key programs include beginning education on Chinese Painting, calligraphy and children painting for pre-school kids, courses on Chinese Painting, calligraphy, charcoal sketch for students, strengthening courses for art school applicants and lectures on music, chess, painting and calligraphy as well.

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Facility Management Dept.

Presently there are 3 engineers and 4 security administrators working for the department. Engineers are responsible for the operation and maintenance of all facilities, equipments and devices including air-conditioning, fire alarming, surveillance, lighting, PBX, computer networking, etc. Security administrators operate the surveillance system and monitor the whole museum to ensure the security. The department also supervises the property management work force.

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External Affairs Dept.

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Security Dept.

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