Zheng Zuoliang Solo Exhibition


Hosted by:

Ningbo Museum of Art

Collections Department, National Art Museum of China


Organized by:

Hangzhou Xihu District Bureau of Culture

Linghu Calligraphy and Painting Institute

Guanshanyue Gallery

Chen Lvsheng Gallery

Aojia Gallery

Tingyulou Gallery

Xixi Yide Art Gallery

Yantai Art Museum

Yuquanshan Gallery

Huitongbowen Calligraphy and Painting Institute

Benpu Calligraphy Institute

Collectors Magazine

Henan Art Museum

Zhejiang Guoqiao Calligraphy and Painting Institute


Ningbo Chamber of Overseas Chinese Businessmen


Supported by:

Zhejiang Zhengfeng Foundation



26 April 2018 to 13 May 2018



No. 3 Hall