Second Invitational Exhibition of Ningbo Youth Lacquer Paintings


Hosted by:

Ningbo Polytechnic

Ningbo Artists Association

Ningbo Museum of Art

Ningbo Cultural Center

Ningbo Beilun District Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Tourism and Sports

Ningbo Beilun District Federation of Literary and Art Circles


Organized by:

Ningbo Beilun District Cultural Center

Technology and Industry-Academy Cooperation Division of Ningbo Polytechnic

Office of Academic Affiars of Ningbo Polytechnic

School of Art of Ningbo Polytechnic


Co-organized by:

China Artists Association Lacquer Painting Art Committee Beilun Creation Center

Zhejiang Artists Association Beilun Lacquer Painting Creation Base



19 December 2019 - 29 December 2019



No. 3 Hall