Words of Flowers — Exhibition of Ningbo Female Artists


Time: March 8 — April 3, 2022

Location: Gallery 1

Hosted by:

Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Ningbo Women's Federation

Ningbo Female Entrepreneurs Association

Organized by:

Ningbo Artists Association

Executed by:

Ningbo Artists Association

Co-organized by:

Ningbo Museum of Art

Zhejiang Langtong Furniture Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Hepu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Overall Manager: Guiye ZHANG

Curator: Zhifen DI

Curator Assistant: Saisai WANG

Exhibits from Council Members of Ningbo Female Artists Association

Unrelated, Jinfen CHEN, 60cm×90cm, acrylic, 2022

Voiceless Sound among Mountains and Streams, Saisai CHEN, 35cm×200cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2021

Words of Flowers II, Youfen DAI, 40cm×50cm, pastel, 2021

Flowers II, Yamin CHEN, 36cm×51cm, pastel, 2022

Shining I/II/III, Zhifen DI, 160cm×80cm, acrylic, 2022

Flowers of Chloris, Yan FANG, oil on canvas

Silent Blooming II, Lingling HU, 46cm×69cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2021

Summer Flowers II, Caihong JIAO, 60cmx80cm, acrylic, 2022

Words of Flowers — Flowers or Not (4 pieces), Yan JIN, 62cm×124cm, ink and wash painting

Perception of Flowers, Zhengfang LEI, 76cm×57cm, watercolor, 2022

Among Flowers — Beauty, Qiong LI, 28cm×28cm, watercolor, 2017

Clear Flower Fragrance, Caijun LIN, 81cm×65cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2014

Seek, Dan TAO, 40cm×30cm×5, oil on canvas, 2022

Salute to Heroes in Harm's Way, Yangbo LUO, 40cm×54cm, oil on canvas, 2022

Pink Flowers in Spring Rain, Shanmeng SUN, 113cm×35cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2022

Fragrance, Fenfang TONG, 120cm×120cm, mixed media

Quiet Grove, Ying WANG, traditional Chinese painting, 2021

Shades of Flowers, Jin WANG, 98cm×198cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2020

Narcissus in Moonlight, Saisai WANG, 58cm×36cm, pastel, 2022

Flower Season — April Day, Yunye WENG, 36cm×25cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2022

Lilies I, Jinjing WU, 33cm×33cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2022

Red and Green, Huan XIAO, 100cm×80cm, oil on canvas, 2021

Termination of Images I, Guiye ZHANG, 100cm×100cm, mixed media on canvas, 2022

Letters Home, Leping ZHANG, 160cm×120cm, mixed media, 2019

Love of Butterfly, Yanmin ZHANG, traditional Chinese painting

Lucky Cockscomb Series, Xiaohong ZHENG, 30cm×40cm×4, oil on canvas, 2018

Bamboos and Sparrows in Wind, Ningxin ZHENG, 160cm×88cm, traditional Chinese painting, 2020

Dried Lotus Leaves in Mud, Yijun ZHONG, 60cm×60cm, lacquer, 2018