Centenary Celebration Exhibition of Liu Wenxuan and His Students


Hosted by:

Publicity Department of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee

Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Ningbo CPPCC Culture, History and Learning Committee

Organized by:

Ningbo Museum of Art

Ningbo Artists Association

Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Ningbo CPPCC

Co-organized by:

Ningbo Jiujiu Art Gallery


31 March - 17 April, 2022


Gallery 2

Liu Wenxuan, Tall New Bamboo and Short Older Bamboo (Bamboo), 130×70cm

Liu Wenxuan, Red Azalea, 98×65cm

Liu Wenxuan, Flourish in Snow, 130×46cm

Liu Wenxuan, Orchids, 136×38cm

Liu Wenxuan, Autumn Chrysanthemum, 121×68cm

Liu Wenxuan, Flowers in Full Bloom, 116×68cm