2022 Zhejiang Provincial Prints Invitational Exhibition


Time: 12 August - 28 August, 2022

Location: Gallery 1

Hosted by:

Zhejiang Provincial Artists Association

Zhejiang Provincial Printers Association

Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Ningbo Education Bureau

Organized by:

Ningbo Museum of Art

Ningbo Municipal Artists Association

Ningbo Fine Arts Education Guidance Center

Ningbo Fine Arts School

Some exhibits:

Move Mount Tai

by Zhao Zongzao
37cm×75.5cm, 1986

Spring Rain in West Lake
by Lu Fang
39cm×53cm, 1990

Treasuress: Giant and Buddha
by Yu Qihui
40cm×55cm, 1992

Drawing in a Waterside Town
by Gan Zhenglun
40cm×57.5cm, 1987

New Chapter
by Han Likun
55cm×50cm, 1979

Rain and Lake Pavillion
by Chen Lvqiang
54cm×70cm, 1990

Warrior·General - the Printer Yan Han
by Zhu Weiming
117cm×97.5cm, 2014

Clear Autumn in the Bay Area
by Yin Xiangyun
54cm×70cm, 1990

Peng Dehuai at the Korean Battlefield
by Li Yitai
50cm×75cm, 1987

37 Travel Notes - Huoyaoju Alley
by Zhang Yuanfan
60cm×41cm, 2013

Oriental Faces II: Five Hundred Arhats Project 01
by Cai Feng
56cm×46cm, 2017

May Forth Movement in Zhejiang No. 2 - Ningbo Workers Strike
by Zheng Minjie
37cm×48.5cm, 2021

Thin and Bony Face in Dust
by Ying Jinfei
165cm×120cm, 2021

Juxtaposed View No. 3
by Yu Hong
80cm×320cm, 2021

Talents of the Times - Hua Luogeng and His Students
by Zhang Xinjiang
93.5cm×60.5cm, 2020