The 2nd CEE Countries Contemporary Art Works Exhibition and CEE Countries Art Museum Curators Forum



The 2nd CEE CountriesContemporary Art Works Exhibition, held by Ningbo Museum of Art, is one ofactivities for the 1st China-CEE Countries Investment and Trade Expoby Ningbo Municipal People"s Government. It is a cultural action to implementthe Belgradeoutline of China-CEE countries cooperation and “One Belt and One Road” strategy. Besides,CEE Countries Art MuseumCurator Forum will be held during the exhibition.

There will be 19 artists and their 74 artworks from total 16 CEE countries in this exhibition, including Poland, CzechRepublic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro,Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Republic of Lithuania, Italy, andFrance and so on. With so many excellent artists’ participation, curator canonly selected among all outstanding works. Those artists, such as from Croatia, CzechRepublic, Hungary,Serbia,are famous artists both from home and abroad.

The exhibited works have various forms andstyles and top quality. Some are art museum’s collections and some recommendedworks from the directors, including print, oil-painting, watercolor, installation,from which we get to know the local customs and practices, political mutationand people’s expectations. Besides, some refer to China"s major historical themes. Ithas a positive significance in learning source of oil-painting and artisticecology of Central-east countries, tasting their people’s feelings, drawinglessons from the art, promoting to store treasures of excellent culture.

Vice-chairman of NingboFederation of Art and Literary

Director of Ningbo Museum of Art

Han Licheng

Exhibitiontime: June, 5th——June,16th, 2015,

Exhibition place: the 3 hall of Ningbo Museum of Art

Organizedby: Ningbo MunicipalPeople’s Government

Operatedby: Ningbo Museum of Art

Supportedby: Ningbo Bangda Industrial Co., Ltd