“Tide – Hu Wei Solo Exhibition” opened at NMA


On January 10, “Tide – Hu Wei Solo Exhibition” opened at Ningbo Museum of Art. The exhibition is organized by China Artists Association, National Art Museum of Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China National Academy of Painting and Publicity Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, and undertaken by Ningbo Museum of Art and Ningbo Artists Association. “Tide” is the second large personal exhibition of Hu Wei after “Formless Thingness – Hu Wei Solo Exhibition” in last May. Compared the the May exhibition, the artworks in “Tide” focus more on the exploration of the historical context. Ningbo is one of the earliest open ports in contemporary China. “Tide” symbolizes the driving power of Ningbo Port to the evolving and development of Chinese contemporary civilization. The majority of the exhibits are related to tides and ports, especially the “Ocean Reefs”, “Beach” and “Spring Tide” series, which emphasize on his insights and interpretation of “tides”. In the evening of January 9, the Seminar of “Tide – Hu Wei Solo Exhibition” was successfully held at NMA.