Chen Qiucao Online Exhibition –Series Exhibition of Museum’s Collection of Ningbo Artists



This exhibition selects dozens of NMA’s collection of Mr. Chen Qiucao, from bird-and-flower paintings, to landscape paintings to children’s illustrations. We present the paintings in three chapters: bird-and-flower paintings, landscape paintings and children’s paintings. Hopefully you could peek in the life and personality of this Ningbo artist through his paintings.

Chen Qiucao | About the artist

Chen was born in Yin County, Zhejiang. He studied at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and left the school in 1925. He once participated in the preparation of White Goose Painting Association, created Jingcao Society and the Institute of Fine Arts in New China. In 1955, he was appointed as the Head of Exhibition Department of China Artists Association and the Director of Shanghai Art Museum. He was first engaged in Chinese and western paintings, and later specialized in Chinese paintings. Several artworks of Chen were collected by National Art Museum of China and other museums. His illustrated children’s book, Little Tadpoles Search for Their Mother, received The Noma Concours for Children's Picture Book Illustrations by Asian Cultural Center for UNESCO.

Bird-and-flower Paintings

Sparks of Fire, 54×89cm, Chinese painting, 1976

Wild Loquat, 48×77cm, Chinese painting

Bamboos and Fish Pond, 45×80cm, Chinese painting

Ball Cactus, 31×28cm, Chinese painting

Flowers, Stone and Kylin, 38×28cm, Chinese painting

Daffodil, 31×28cm, Chinese painting

True Interests, 45×68cm, Chinese painting

Inked Wood Table, 46×67cm, Chinese painting, 1982

Landscape Paintings

Mount Huang Mists, 38×28cm, Chinese Painting

Pine Trees and Mountain Peaks, 38×28cm, Chinese Painting

Pine Tree and Bamboos, 52×122cm, Chinese Painting, 1973

Dragon-shaped Pine Tree, 38×28cm, Chinese Painting

Dream of Pen Growing Blossoms, 38×28cm, Chinese Painting

Children’s Paintings

Singing Folk Songs (Part), 34×800cm, Chinese Painting

More Information

You must be familiar with Little Tadpoles Search for Their Mother, a funny story which grows up with us. Mr. Chen Qiucao also painted on this topic. The illustrated book, Little Tadpoles Search for Their Mother, presents national spirit with ink and won The Noma Concours for Children's Picture Book Illustrations by Asian Cultural Center for UNESCO. There’s also an animation about the story, filmed by Shanghai Animation Film Studio. It is the first animation in China.

Little Tadpoles Search for Their Mother (Part), Chen Qiucao, Replica

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