Sailing Again - The Cultural Prospects Evolution of Ningbo as a Port City


A Project of 2022 National Exhibition Season of Boutique Collection Works from Art Museums in China

Time: 22 July - 28 August, 2022
Location: Gallery 3

Publicity Department of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee
Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group, Zhejiang Seaport Group

Hosted by:
Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Ningbo Museum of Art

Supported by:
Zhejiang Art Museum
Ningbo Archives
China Port Museum
Jiazazhi Library
Rocky Music Library

Some exhibits:

Ningbo mum 2013

Olivier Greder
42×178cm, charcoal drawing, 2013
Ningbo Museum of Art collection

Distant View of Ningbo Port

Hu Wenming
32×52cm, watercolor, 1980
Ningbo Museum of Art collection

Oriental Mega Port

Tong Zhongtao
117×124cm, Chinese painting, 1989
Private collection

Oriental Mega Port

Chen Jiwu
200×567cm, oil painting, 2009
Zhejiang Ar Museum collection

Oriental Mega Port No. 1

Zhang Weiping
80×110cm, watercolor, 2019
Private collection

Port of Ningbo

Wei Huidong
205×336cm, oil painting, 2017
Ningbo Museum of Art collection

Fishing Net Mending

Hoo Mojong
49.5×39cm, print
Ningbo Museum of Art collection

Lowest Class Cabin

He Youzhi
19×22.5cm, Chinese genre painting, 2015
Ningbo Museum of Art collection