Literary Ideas of North Bank -- Jiangbei District Artwork Exhibition


Time: 16 August - 28 August, 2022

Location: Gallery 2

Some exhibits:

Image out of Images, by Zhang Guiye
Mixed media on canvas, 120×160cm

Blossom in Spring Wind, by Ge Xiaohong
Chinese painting, 138×69cm

Silence, by Lin Caijun
Oil on canvas, 50×40cm

Natural Growth, by Di Zhifen
Oil on canvas, 110×120cm

Climbing High, by Zhang Linhui
Chinese painting, 138×35cm

Frosty, by Si Weichao
Chinese painting, 200×200cm

Impression of Mao'ao, by Chen Tiejun
Watercolor, 50×70cm

Clear Jiangnan after the Rain, by Zou Xiangping
Chinese painting, 240×200cm

Blue Planets, by Sun Zhou
Chinese painting, 100×40cm

Group Paintings: Portraits of the Century, by Liu Libo
Painting with fine brushworks and detail, 50×150cm