The 4th China Comprehensive Material Painting Biennale, Ningbo


Time: 19 Nov - 18 Dec, 2022
Location: Gallery 1, 2, 3

Sky of Song Dynasty, by Chen Xiangyu, 210cm×60cm×3

Empty Mountain, by Dong Yajuan, 200cm×200cm

High Mountains and Distant Waters, by Chen Yan, 200cm×120cm

Era of Smart Internet, by Fan Qingshan, 150cm×140cm

Poems of Post Industrial Age, by Fang Dacheng, 230cm×180cm

Logic Expression No. 3, by Fang Zhiyong, 157cm×157cm

Grain, by Li Junjie, 200cm×200cm

Breathing Crystal, by Li Yujun, 200cm×200cm

With Light-021112, by Luo Zhongwen, 200cm×200cm

Imprints of Times - Number, by Lv Chaoying, 200cm×170cm

Language of Ice, by Song Hongjiang, 180cm×180cm

Miraculous Pivot, bu Wu Zhen, 200cm×200cm

Round and Inclusive Hearts, by Xia Jinghan, 200cm×180cm

Secluded Space, by Yang Yang, 240cm×180cm

Historic Charm - Red Gown, by Zhong Weiyong, 180cm×200cm

Kingdom of Armour, by Zhou Yi, 200cm×180cm