Look Forward to Spring -- Exhibition of Figure Paintings Collected by Ningbo Museum of Art

Time: 17 January - 13 February, 2023
Location: Gallery 2
Hosted by: Ningbo Museum of Art
Human Figure, by LU Fusheng, 137×69.5cm, traditional Chinese paintings
Country Life, by DU Ziling, 137.5×68cm, traditional Chinese paintings
Woods in Autumn, by XU Yingpei, 45×35cm, print
Living Idly, by YUAN Wu, 136×69cm, traditional Chinese paintings
By the Ritz Lake, by HU Zhengyu, 129.5×129.5cm, oil on canvas
Rest in Countryside, by QUAN Shanshi, 100×180cm, oil on canvas
Morning Song on Plateau, by WU Shanming, 138×69cm, traditional Chinese painting
A Girl of a Dong Village, by ZHOU Gang, 76.5×57cm, watercolor
Raising Highland Barley, by LI Huanmin, 36×55cm, print
Coming from Fishing, by YU Wenjiang, 137×69cm, traditional Chinese painting
Dreams without an End, by YU Chaosong, 120×120cm, lacquer