Exhibition of Chinese Paintings from Pujiang Country

Time: 14 Mar - 29 Mar, 2023
Location: Gallery 1
Spring Protects Chicks, by Wu Fuzhi, 136x68cm
Plum Blossom and the Moon, by Zhang Shuqi, 102x52cm
Eagle and Stone, by Zhang Zhenduo, 116x69cm
Longevity, by Liu Cun, 136x65cm
The Duck Knows First When the River Becomes Warm in Spring, by Zhang Yuejian, 153x82cm
Evergreen, by Zhang Shijian, 184x69cm
Portrait of Gong Zizhen, by Fang Zengxian, 135x68cm
The World in the Heart, by Wu Shanming, 152x81cm
Inspection Tour, by Zhang Shucai, 139x69cm
Wanshan, by Ma Fenghui, 245x124cm
Autumn in Farmland, by Chen Qi, 180x97cm
Beautiful Mountains and Woods, by Hu Liangyong, 138x34cm
Liu Guan, by Shi Zhaodong, 180x97cm
Mountains and Moon in Wonderland, by Rui Shuntu, 180x97cm
Clear Sounds, by Sheng Danping, 138x68cm