2023 The Ninth "Classics and Inheritance" China Youth New Realistic Portraits Exhibition

Time: 21 March - 16 April, 2023
Location: Gallery 3
Opening ceremony: 10:00 am, 28 March, 2023
Quietness, by JIA Qi, 40x40cm, 2019
Image and Shadow V, by FAN Xuexian, oil on canvas, 50x60cm, 2022
Flow-Hold Tight of the Key to the Door of Memory, by CHANG Haoran, oil on canvas, 60x90cm, 2023
Pencil Holder, by HE Zhenhao, oil on canvas, 110x100cm, 2018
Middle-aged Man, by HE Chenkun, oil on canvas, 70x90cm, 2019
Warm Sun, by HOU Zuocun, oil on canvas, 60×80cm, 2020
An Old Tibetan Man, by LAI Bing, oil on canvas, 60x80cm, 2017
Untouchable Time, by PENG Weipao, oil on canvas, 100x80cm, 2020
Night Rain, by WANG Nengjun, oil on canvas, 70x100cm, 2022
QI Baishi, by ZHANG Chenchu, oil on canvas, 35×27cm, 2017
Parallel Universe, by ZHANG Qi, pastel, 78x100cm, 2022
Fragrant Peer Blossom, by ZHAO Ye, oil on canvas, 140x110cm, 2020