Horizon - Garden Image: Guan Huaibin Exhibition; Space for Bu characters: Liu Xuguang Exhibition


Time: 15 Dec 2023 - 14 Jan 2024
Location: Gallery 2 & 3

Sphere Without Anybody--sky

Inflatable film, fan, iron oil bucket, stainless steel mirror

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum,(Part 1)

Installation scripts, ink on paper 297mm×420mm
Light sound sky city 111-119 installation 2023

Suspension 1999 Installation, painting

Ink, mineral pigments, rust, bone glue, egg whites, rice paper, photographs, ancient numerals Variable dimensions

Marks 2006 Painting

Rice paper, ink, bone glue, egg white, mineral pigments rust 140cmx300cm

The wrath of the Yan Emperor2019 Imagery

The number 101 image of the trigram "☲, the ancient number 2019060419580706, fire, the field and the earth, and wheat straw covers an area of about 10 acres