2024 Lacquer Art Exhibition for Spring Festival


Time: 25 January - 25 February, 2024

Location: Gallery 1

Blue Ocean, by Zhiyi Tang, 60×90cm, lacquer
Brilliance, by Xiangjun Cheng, 100×90cm, lacquer
Winter Solstice, by Zeguo Zhang, 80×80cm, lacquer

Deamy Realm-2, by Ming Wei, 120.3×63cm, lacquer
Garden, by Guowei Su, 81×81cm, lacquer
Boundless, by Jinhua Chen, 80×80cm, lacquer
Archaeology-Literature, by Hui Jin, 80×80cm, lacquer
Harmonious Song 2022 I, by Yukang Hu, 40×60cm, lacquer
Flowers, by Yaobin Yang, 180×180cm, lacquer, collected by Ningbo Museum of Art
Best Wishes to Frida - Peace for All, by Anying Cheng and Bingli Guo, 200×200cm, lacquer, collected by China Port Museum