Conversation with Mountains: Solo show of recent works by Shatrudhan K. Gupta

Time: 19 March - 12 April, 2024
Location: The Corridor


In the past few years, I lived and worked in different places in China for my art practice and development. I am fascinated by the mountains in China. It was an amazing experience for me to see and live in the mountains. Philosophically, I can say, that I felt that those mesmerizing mountains were calling to talk and share their quietness, softness, hardness, and highness.

In these works, I have created some forms of the mountains in a simplified and organic way, and for that the materials I have chosen are pen ink, and paper because I have selected these materials for their content and form of quality and ability to fulfill the purpose of what I want to create. During the making of this series of works, I did circles, circles, and a million times circles, and many times, on paper with pen ink. I created them in my natural way and style. The detailing of one layer by other layers is also a time-based quality in the work, each piece is created over several days, using layers of the circular drawing. I love and enjoy the way the process of these works, it is a kind of mentally meditative practice for me. I want to say the body of works, is symbolically a representation of the mountains' exploration into the language of form and space.