Rhapsody of Flowers and Plants: Thierry Tran Art Exhibition


Time: 17 May - 21 May, 2024

Location: Gallery 4


“Rhapsody of Flowers and Plants” presents the works of Thierry Tran created during his residency at Ningbo Museum of Art in the past month. In the themes of “flower”, “plant”, and “butterfly”, Thierry explores the artistic conceptions of butterflies, irises and roses. His artworks are unique, blending impressions of Ningbo, images of plants and the memories of France.

Before arriving in Ningbo, he had thought of working around the theme of “butterfly”. When he arrived, he was amused to find the coincidence of the local iconic legend of lovers turning into butterflies. The forms, colors and lines of butterflies are the sources of inspiration. Their integration with flowers bring forward extraordinary visual breaths. Soaking up the new urban environment, he was sensitive to the delicate moments where urban chaos mix with the soft colors of flowers. Especially when he saw the irises around the square of the museum, his dreams start to flow. Roses are the key to connect him and his hometown. They are commonly seen in Ningbo, yet in places unusual for France, his hometown, such as along the streets. These flowers evoke the inspiration to create works around roses again which he had been working on for a good year.

Like many foreign resident artists at NMA, Thierry Tran became interested in the brush, ink and paper that are unique in China. He found great pleasure to work on paper that is rather familiar to him, but the format and quality encouraged him to produce more than expected. He also draws everyday on a sketchbook with Chinese ink, documenting the observations and impressions collected in the city and the surrounding area.

These productions will enrich what is deep within him: the creation of imaginary landscapes, nourished by encounters, travels, exhibitions and everything that makes up life. The experience here will leave a rich and long trace for the rest of his work.