Serving as the center of leadership and decision-making for Ningbo Museum of Art, the NMA management team is responsible for all major decisions and administrative affairs. The Museum has six departments, namely, Administration, Academics and Collection, Exhibition, Creation and Research, Education and Development, and Facility and Security, each of which is headed by a department director. Besides, there are CPC branch, Workers Union, NMA Art Committee and other organizations.

Administration Dept.

Administration Dept. is a comprehensive, coordinating and managerial department. Its duties include HR, finance and accounting, secretarial work, archive, publicity and library management. It is also responsible for arranging conferences, reception, external liaison, petition and coordination between departments.

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Academics and Collection Dept.

It is responsible for collecting, keeping, repairing and studying the collections of the Museum. It also plans academic exhibitions and collects exhibits; edits and publishes exhibition catalogues, NMA journal, NMA Yearbook, and other publications; organizes academic activities and lectures; searches and sorts out domestic and foreign fine arts materials and information.

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Exhibition Dept.

It takes the responsibilities of exhibition-related affairs, including exhibition planning, production and installation. It plans and arranges exhibitions, conducts pre-exhibition negotiations, and arranges exhibit transportation and customs clearance.

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Creation and Research Department

It organizes creating and teaching activities of fine arts, calligraphy and photography. It is also responsible for conducting researches on artistic creations of all kinds to guide the art practices.

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Education and Development Dept. (Ningbo Dongqian Lake Photography Art Exchange Center)

It is responsible for NMA's public cultural services, art promotion, photographic exchanges, the planning and implementation of art training programs and examinations. It develops NMA membership program, organizes and manages volunteers; conducts public guidance services and surveys; develops and promotes art derivatives; provides free artwork appraisal services; and builds a cooperative platform with all sectors of the society to expand social impacts and public services of NMA.

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Facility and Security Dept.

It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all facilities, equipments and devices, including power supply and distribution, water supply and drainage, air-conditioning, fire protection, technical prevention, lighting, elevators, telephones, computers, networking, etc. It also manages and monitors property management personnel and security guards to ensure the sound operation of all facilities, equipments, devices and the logistics system. It takes charge of the security of the Museum, prevents illegal and criminal activities, prevents disasters and accidents, protects public properties, and protects the safety and security of all staff members and visitors.

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